Who is Cosmic Ray?
Cosmic Ray Enterprises - LLC, founded by Raymond Brodie in early 2004. This CEO is nautically inclined. Born in Torrance California August 8, 1948. 1 of 8 children of Dexter Charles Brodie and Joyce Oline Olsen both WWII Army Vets. On the move since 1950  we moved from California to St. Croix (clear water and great fishing) then ended up in south Florida in 1961. Learned allot about catching anything that swam in/crawled on the ocean floor.

Served aboard USS SEACAT SS-399 and later on USS MARLIN SST2, in Key West Florida from 1967 through decommissioning 1969. Not many people know that Key West had a submarine base where the cruise ships dock now.. Anyway I had access to all the secrets of the Key West Fuel Oil Tanks to Marquesas passage (bypassing the Northwest channel and having access to polarized sunglasses on an affordable scale ) . Back then I was knocking down a healthy salary of $121.00/month and gladly turned down buying Islamorada beachfront for $150.00 a front foot (they got a little gig going on now called Holiday Isles Resort, I hope they make a buck) We sell dependable camping equipment and outdoor enjoyment products at significantly below retail market prices.  We have our wits about us and handle most major lines of outdoor sporting goods, including custom fishing rods, Yeti Coolers (formerly Icey-Tek and Ultra-Cool ice boxes, pocket and hunting knives, and many other related products.

Established in early 2004, Cosmic Ray Enterprises has built a significant customer base of many outdoor sports equipment enthusiasts throughout the United States and Canada. Cosmic Ray Enterprises’ international customer base includes people in South and Central America, and Europe.  Cosmic Ray Enterprises has earned an international reputation as a reliable source for quality products at very attractive prices.

Cosmic Ray Enterprises’ commitment to customer satisfaction carries over into its rapport with the manufacturers that it represents. Cosmic Ray Enterprises is a financially sound, privately held, company with an outstanding credit history.  It strives to make many long-term relationships with manufacturers throughout the world. These bonds enable Cosmic Ray Enterprises to continually serve its customers in a responsible and reliable manner.
Cosmic Ray Enterprises guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction, in the form of complete money returns on all products in this store. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about us or our long term relationships, or need further information. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Raymond Brodie
Phone:  920-553-3603
FAX:     920-273-6141
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