Key Largo Rods - Cobia Rods and Kingfish Rods
Glass / Graphite Blank, EVA Grip, Gimble Butt, Pac Bay Reel Seat, Fuji Guides

Our prices are the lowest on the Internet and our shipping is fast and reasonable. Shipping is based on UPS Over-Sized rates. Two-thirds of the Earth is covered by water, so grab a fishing pole, we might as well fish!

4C Wrap Examples:

4C Red 4C Blue, (Standard No extra charge) 4C Bronze  and

4C Green (Adds $8.00)

8C Wrap Examples (adds $14.00):

8C Red, 8C Blue, 8CBronze

Key Largo Rods are built in the U.S. in South Fla. To contact us: mail to REB Mfg. P.O.B. 404 Islamorada, Fla. 33036. shipping 82685 O.S. Hwy. Islamorada Fla. 33036.
'Key Largo Rods' Cobia Rods / Kingfish Rods
Handmade fiberglass or graphite rods and backed with a lifetime guarantee.  Optional 24K Gold Name Tag.

Shipping and processing rates vary from $48.50 up depending on rod length
Key Largo Rods Custom Fishing Rod Personalization Tag
All 'Key Largo Rods' custom fishing rods can be personalized for an extra $38.50.  The personalization tag will include "Custom made for __________ (your name + date)".  Please no more than 17 characters in name blank.  The personalization tag will be epoxied into the rod ahead of the base wrapping. Order KLR Custom Fishing Rod Personalization Tag.
Cobia King Butt
Cobia King Mid Section
Cobia King Tip Section
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Our rods are meticulously hand-crafted in Key Largo Florida and undergo a rigorous quality assurance inspection.  All 'Key Largo Rods' fishing rods are tested before sale. Materials and workmanship are the best available anywhere in the world.  Due to the precise nature while building, a shipping delay of 10-20 days is mandatory.  ADD a Name Tag.
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Cobia / Kingfish Rod 25-40 Lb. Base price $159.75

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